My newborn set up


Newborn Photographer in Cambridge

I love being a newborn photographer for many reasons, firstly I love the creativeness of the session, buying new props and back drops is so addictive. And secondly I love babies, my own babies are now 6 and 3 and it seems like such along time since they were tiny sleepy bundles that I could put down any where. And it really is true you do forget how tiny they actually were!


Baby photographer in Cambridge

My newborn sessions are at my home studio in Soham, and are very different to a regular family session for many reasons. 2 to 4 hours is allocated to ensure there is time and baby and family are comfortable. I encourage clients to view my gallery before the session so that they are familiar with my style and props I have to offer and also invite them to the studio before baby arrives so they can choose colour schemes and props for their session, but this is optional. When the day of the session arrives I’ll have the studio warmed up and depending on the mood of baby we’ll work through your planned posing and props.

If your baby is fussier than usual we have time to settle them as there’s no rush, we can use techniques like wrapping and white noise. I’ve photographed many babies including my own and my grandson. And my baby was a fussy baby when it came to posing, she didn’t want to do anything but suckle on mummy and then decided to poo all over me, I ended up sitting with her half naked, smelling of poo and crying as the hormones kicked in and I regretted even bothering trying to do it myself in my sleep deprived state. I was so upset by the whole experience I couldn’t face editing the photos. But it only took a few weeks for me to gain perspective and when I got over it and went back to edit I was so overwhelmed by my little princess, every yawn and little movement I had captured was so special and although I hadn’t appreciated it at the time I was so happy with how it had gone, I had a funny story and some beautiful keep sake’s.

Baby photographer in Cambridge


In my newborn sessions I will capture sibling shots and family moments, but if you would like your baby to be posed it means they must be relaxed and sleepy, so I always try and do the sibling shots early on so siblings don’t have to stay for the full session. Mum’s are probably just as tired as baby so I always encourage mum to put her feet up and relax while me and my assistant work through the poses and we’re go through the transitions of the session.
If your baby is well fed and sleepy a session can be as little as 1 hour and 30 minutes and if we don’t think baby is going to settle than we can always reschedule, this is a last resort and rarely happens but it is an option if needed. I have had many fussy babies (including my own) that we thought would not settle but with patience and certain techniques I’ve captured some beautiful images. I’ll make sure you have lots of images to choose from and you’ll be able to view them in your own on line gallery so there’s no need to come back to the studio for viewing.
The difference between a newborn shoot and a regular family session is time, a Family session can be from 30 to 60 minutes and you can choose from the many backdrops to customize your session. Weather your a family of 2 or 5, just tell me what you want and I’ll set it up, from single shots to group shots. I love capturing families but especially newborns, I’m always looking at new props and outfits to enhance my sessions so clients can create unique keep sake’s of their babies first days in the world.

Baby photographer in Cambridge


Book a newborn session in January 2018 and receive free upgrade to our Baby Grow package. Just visit or fill out the contact form below to receive your free brochure and arrange a call back.



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